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July Wedding (WaxMelt)

July Wedding (WaxMelt)


Celebrate your July wedding with our signature blend wax melt. This unique fragrance combines sweet and floral notes, including orange peel, tangy lemon, and delicate orchid. The middle notes of creamsicle frosting, brown sugar, and sweet buttercream create a warm and inviting atmosphere. And with a base of bittersweet chocolate and vanilla extract, this wax melt is perfect for creating a romantic and relaxing ambiance. Let our July Wedding Wax Melt be the perfect addition to your special day.


Our wax melts are made with high-quality soy wax and fragrance oils, ensuring a long-lasting scent that will fill your home with warmth and comfort. Each wax melt is hand-poured and unique, making it a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

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