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Photo Credit: Bianca Ben Photography

Our Family, Our Company

How we started:


We believe that a business should be built like a family. Each member of our blended family has had a part in planning, building, structuring, and developing our products. It is a true "Family Business".

Our candle making started off as a fun project and hobby but then blossomed into a functional business after family and friends began requesting more and more candles from us.

Each of our children have developed their own scent, and have a signature blended scent named after them.

We take pride in our products as if they were a part of us and we thank you for taking the time to visit us here on the web. If you order, thank you for your business and we hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them.

The patriarch of our family and business is also known as, J. Denison Reed. A published novelist. If you happen to have a copy of his work, he'll be happy to sign when you shop with us at local vendor events.


Our Company:

Reeds in the Valley, LLC is a small, family and veteran owned and operated business that makes quality hand poured soy candles and wax melts.


Each candle is homemade and carefully hand poured and cooled in our home. We use premium, 100% soy wax and our oils are all Phthalate free and from vendors who adhere to the strict RIFM standards to provide a quality product that is safe and enjoyable for every family.


We also use wooden wicks that are sourced and manufactured in the USA from FSC- certified mills. Our wicks not only create a soft crackling sound but unlike cotton wicks, they do not mushroom and there is little to no soot, debris, or carbon build-up. (


We are happy to offer wax melts in every fragrance as our candles for a flameless option.


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